In the interest of advocating educational causes, the Neil G. Shastri Foundation for Education has decided to broaden its scope to the international level. Our newest endeavor is a project that is sponsored by GlobalGiving to help support rural children in India obtain an education. These children live in abject poverty, lacking the means to acquire a more formal education. Because of this “poverty trap” and lack of government funding, these children do not have a structured environment to learn the basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Additionally, many of them do not have access to clean drinking water and basic health care, including common vaccines. The lack of developed infrastructure compounds the problem, leaving many without the proper tools to obtain an education.

GlobalGiving ( is a non-governmental organization that serves as a “global marketplace for goodness,” helping those primarily in the developing world. They work with a network of well-run organizations to help support specific, well-defined projects such as this one. Their mission is to provide access to a marketplace where ultimately, the lives of those who are least fortunate can be improved in a positive manner. They ensure that 85-90% of the donation has an immediate impact and is on the ground within 60 days, and they provide regular updates about the progress.

Our project for rural children will establish non-formal education centers to help support 25 children between the ages of 6-12. They will be located in the rural village of Sitapur in the state of Bihar. The focus will be on providing basic education – literacy, functionality, and numeracy. Our donation will help provide books, school supplies, musical instruments, teacher remuneration, and more. The educators are local rural women who are part of village organizations committed to helping these children. One of the schools will be named in honor of Neil. In 2008, we have allocated $2500 for this endeavor with a hope that with your support, this will continue to grow for many years to come. Our goal is to make this project sustainable well into the future as we have made a preliminary commitment for 5-7 years.

We will be providing periodic updates about this project on this webpage. Thank you for your continued support!

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