The NGS foundation awards an annual academic scholarship to graduating seniors from Midland Park High School, Neilís alma mater (1994). Our goal is to honor Neilís memory and continue his legacy by providing a scholarship to a student who best embodies Neilís outstanding character. Among the qualities we look for in a student is a passion for life, a caring attitude for others, commitment to community service, and strong family values. Through the scholarship we hope to promote higher education for high school students while easing the financial burden of college.

2008 marked the 7th annual year of the NGSF scholarship since its inception in 2002. We had three outstanding recipients out of a record high ten applicants, and distributed a total of $2500 for this academic year. Among the beneficiaries for 2008 include Matthew Bieszard, who demonstrated a dedication to community service by volunteering on a mission through his church to Mississippi to help those affected by the disaster of Katrina. Carla Stachurski was another well deserving recipient who volunteered in Poland at a center for children that were affected by alcoholic and financially unstable parents. Matthew Birchenhough was our third awardee who also displayed a passion for life and a commitment to the community.

We have had a number of highly qualified scholarship recipients over the years. For the academic year 2005, we awarded $2000 in scholarships to Amanda McGarry and Lindsey Salge. Both students demonstrated excellence in character and a passion to serve our community. These two individuals add to our list of stellar recipients, including the 2004 beneficiaries: Shannon Alston and Stephanie Chapman, of Penn State.† Andrew Weaver received our inaugural scholarship in 2002 and now has aspirations to pursue a career in business. Laura Girgis was awarded the scholarship in 2003; her extensive work with disabled children has evolved towards a career in medicine.

The NGSF scholarship beneficiaries are announced every year at Midland Parkís annual scholarship banquet dinner. We hope that in the years to come our scholarship will continue to be an integral part of Midland Park High Schoolís academic tradition.

Annual Academic Scholarship

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