The NGS Foundation sponsored one student from the Jersey City Arts High School to take part in “A Tour of the Masters”, an intensive 8-day tour of theater and fine arts in London.

The Jersey City Arts High School (JCAHS) is a unique program consisting of a small group of professional teachers and artists who offer advanced training and instruction in the arts for select Jersey City high school students. The students spend one-third of their school day on the campus of New Jersey City University to learn, rehearse, and create. These students provide numerous productions, concerts, and exhibitions for the entire Jersey City community and beyond.

The Art and Theatre Departments at JCAHS took 32 of their highly gifted students to England in April for a grand tour of the Masters of Art and live Theater. Each student was able to pledge $1500 towards their total cost. To help broaden their exposure and support a budding artist, The NGS Foundation provided $1500 to help one student realize their goal.

Tour of the Masters

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